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Software available to EDORAS accounts

AntiVirus Backups Cluster Computing Compilers Compiler Tools Compression CVS Tools Databases Debuggers Documentation
Email Editors Image Processing Internet Math Processes Shells Statistics Text Formatting Text Processing XWindows

Operating System

Title Command Version Vendor
CentOS 7
7.9 CentOS Project
Linux Documentaion Project
Introduction to Linux | Wiki
Unix Reference Card |
Unix Tutorial for Beginners

AntiVirus Software

Title Command Version Vendor
avast Download Only
avast Anti-Virus
Free AntiVirus
AVG Download Only
AVG Anti-Virus
Free AntiVirus

Backup and Archiving Software

Title Command Version Vendor
GNU Tar tar 1.26 GNU Software
Create an archive or extract files from an archive
info tar | Intro |
man tar | Wiki
Goback goback 1.1 SDSU Library
Recover files from /home snapshots
man goback
unzip unzip 6.00 GNU Software
Unpack .zip archives
man unzip
zip zip 3.0 Info-ZIP
Create .zip archives
man zip


Title Command Version Vendor
APL dyalog 18.2 DYALOG
APL language interpreter
Dyalog APL is licensed for Educational Use Only
APL Help | APL History |
Dyalog Core Documentation |
Dyalog UNIX UI Guide
C cc or gcc 4.8.5 GNU Software
Pointers in C
info gcc | man gcc |
Learning GNU C
C++ c++ or g++ 4.8.5 GNU Software
info gcc |
man gcc
Clojure clj, clojure 1.9.0
Clojure Programing Language
man clojure | Overview |
Reference Guide
Cobol cobc 2.0.0 GNU Savannah Software
GnuCobol, formerly OpenCobol
Hello World! in Cobol
FAQ | info opencobol | Manual | Programmer's Reference
Fortran gfortran or f95 4.8.5 GNU Software
GNU Fortran
man gfortran |
Documentation | Notes
F# fsharpc, fsharpi 4.1
About F#
Learning F#
Java javac 1.8.0 Oracle
Oracle Java JDK
man javac | Tutorials |
Programming Using Java |
Thinking in Java
Lisp clisp 2.49 GNU Software
Common Lisp
Implementation | man clisp |
Practical Common Lisp
Pascal fpc 3.0.2 Free Pascal
Free Pascal is a Turbo Pascal and Delphi compatible compiler
Documentation | man fpc |
Programmer's Guide | User's Guide
Pascal gpc 20070904 Free Software Foundation
GNU Pascal
based on ISO 7185
Coding Standards | man gpc |
Reference Manual
Perl perl 5.16.3 The Perl Foundation
Practical Extraction and Report Language
perldoc | perlintro | PerlMonks |
Tutorial | Info
PHP php 7.2
"PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" a general purpose scripting language tutorial |
devzone tutorial |
PHP Security
Prolog swipl 7.2.3 SWI Prolog
Prolog programming language
man swipl | Quick Start |
Reference Manual | Tutorial
Python python, python3.6 2.7 and 3.6 GNU Software
Interpreted object-oriented programming language
man python | FAQ | Manual |
Tutorial | Dive Into Python
Scala scala 2.12.1
Scala programming language
Documentation | man scala |
Scala Programming Language |
Tutorials |
Scheme scheme 9.2 GNU Software
MIT Scheme programming language
Documentation |
Scheme Programming Language |
Tutorial | User Manual
Tcl/Tk/Wish tclsh, wish 8.5 Tcl Developer Xchange
Tool Command Language
man wish | FAQ | Manual |
TkDocs | Wiki | Wikipedia

Compiler Tools

Title Command Version Vendor
Bison bison 3.0.4 GNU Software
GNU parser generator, upwardly compatible with Yacc
info bison | Manual | Ref Card
Flex flex 2.5.37 GNU Software
Fast lexical analyser generator
info flex | man flex |
Tutorial | Wiki
Make make 3.82 GNU Software
GNU build tool to maintain groups of programs
info make | man make |
Tutorial | Manual
Yacc yacc 1.9 Berkeley
Yet Another Compiler Compiler, a parser generator
HowTo | Intro | man yacc


Title Command Version Vendor
bzip2 bzip2 1.0.6 Julian Seward
bzip2, bunzip2 .bz or .bz2 files
man bzip2
gzip gzip 1.5 GNU Software
gzip, gunzip .z files
info gzip | man gzip |
rar unrar 5.00 Eugene Roshal
Unpack .rar archives
About RAR | man unrar

Concurrent Version Systems

Title Command Version Vendor
Concurrent Versions System cvs 1.11.23 GNU Software
Manage multiple file revisions
Open Source Develeopment with CVS
info CVS | man cvs |
Reference Card
Revision Control System rcs 5.9.0 GNU Software
Manage multiple file revisions
man rcsintro |
RCS tutorial
Subversion svn 1.7.14 Apache
Manage multiple file revisions
Version Control with Subversion
FAQ | man svn |
Reference Card | Tutorial


Title Command Version Vendor
High-performance, embedded database library with bindings in C, C++, Java, Perl
Introduction | Reference Guide |
Embedding BerkeleyDB using perl
1.10 GNU Software
Database library using extensible hashing in C and Perl
C example | man gdbm |
man GDBM_File
MariaDB mysql -p 10.1.20
Popular open source database
Learn MariaDB
Oracle sqlplus, sqlldr 11g Oracle
SDSU site licensed
Oracle Documentation Library |
SQL*Loader | SQL*Plus Guide
SQLite sqlite3 3.7.17
Self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine
SQLite Documentation


Title Command Version Vendor
Cppcheck cppcheck 1.7.5 Sourceforge
A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
man cppcheck |
Data Display Debugger ddd 3.3.12 GNU Software
Graphical front end for gdb
info ddd | man ddd |
Debugging Code with ddd
GNU cflow cflow 1.5 GNU software
Analyzes and charts control flow within the C source code
info cflow | man cflow |
GNU Debugger gdb 7.6.1 GNU Software
Source-level debugger for GNU compilers
man gdb | gdb tutorial |
Documentation | Manual
ncc ncc 2.8 Stelios Xanthakis
ncc - a C compiler that produces program analysis information
man ncc | man nccnav |
Secure Programing Lint splint 3.1.2 National Science Foundation
Splint is a tool for statically checking C programs for coding errors and security vulnerabilities
man splint | Manual |
Detecting Common vulnerabilities


Title Command Version Vendor
apropos apropos 2.6.3 Linux
man page key word lookup
man apropos
info info 5.1 GNU Software
View software info documents
man man 2.6.3 Linux
View reference manual pages
TkMan tkman 2.1 sourceforge
Grapical manual page browser
man tkman


Title Command Version Vendor
Exmh exmh 2.7.2 Brent Welch
Tcl/Tk client for nmh
Documentation | man exmh | What is exmh? | Wiki
mailx mailx 12.5 Linux
Basic command line mail client
man mailx
Mutt mutt 1.5.21 Michael Elkins
A configurable and modern mail client
man mutt | Manual |
Beginners Guide

File Browsing

Title Command Version Vendor
less less 458 GNU Software
Text file browser
man less
more more 2.23.2 Linux
Text file browser
man more

File Editors

Title Command Version Vendor
emacs emacs 21.5.34 GNU Software
A powerful, extensible editor
info emacs | info cl |
Introduction | Cheat Sheet
gedit gedit 3.22.0 Linux
GNOME desktop editor
man gedit |
gedit guide
nano nano 2.3.1 Linux
A basic text editor
man nano |
nano guide
Nirvana Editor nedit 5.6 Linux
A GUI text editor for X-Windows
man nedit |
NEdit Help
Vi IMproved vi, view, vim, vimtutor 7.4 GNU Software
A powerful editor with
syntax highlighting
view lauches vim in read only mode
Cheat Sheet | man vim | Quickstart |
Tutorial | The Vim Book

Image Processing

Title Command Version Vendor
xv xv 3.10a John Bradley
Interactive image manipulation
Tutorial |
xv userguide html | pdf


Title Command Version Vendor
Apache EDORAS Webserver 2.4 Apache HTTPD Server Project
Open-source HTTP server using
php-fpm, mod_fcgid, mod_ssl, MySQL and PHP
Homepage Guide |
PHP Security | Perl |
Perl CGI Security
chrome chrome 79.0 Google
Chrome Web Browser
Installing Chrome on CentOS
lynx lynx 2.8.8 Internet Software Consortium
Non-graphical web browser
man lynx |
Users Guide
firefox firefox 68.3 Mozilla
Firefox Web Browser
rsync rsync 3.0.9 Wayne Davison
Fast incremental file transfer
Documentation | man rsync |
Rsync & SSH | Tutorial
sftp scp, sftp 7.6 OpenSSH
Secure ftp. WinSCP and FileZilla are free sftp clients
man scp | man sftp |
Download WinSCP
ssh ssh 7.4 OpenSSH
Cryptonaut, MobaXterm and Putty are free Windows Secure Shell clients
Download Cryptonaut |
Download MobaXterm |
Download Putty
telnet telnet Linux
Text interface to a remote system
man telnet |
Wiki Telnet
wget wget 1.14 GNU Software
Command line web page downloads
info wget | man wget |


Software Title Command Version Vendor
Maple Labs Only Maplesoft
Available at the Hub lab,
GMCS245, 421, 422, 425, LSN126
Quick Start Tutorials
MATLAB Download or Labs R2019a Mathworks
Matrix-based Computational Math
Available at the 24/7 and Hub labs
Documentation | Download |
Reference Card | Learn Matlab
Octave octave 3.8.2 GNU Software
Solves linear and nonlinear problems numerically
info octave | man octave |


Title Command Version Vendor
bash bash 4.2.46 GNU Software
Bourne-Again Shell |
Advanced Scripting
info bash | man bash |
Beginners Guide | Introduction
chsh chsh
Magill, Jansen
Change login shell
man chsh
sh sh 4.2 Stephen Bourne
Bourne Shell
man sh | Bourne Shell Scripting
csh csh 6.18.01 Bill Joy
C Shell
man csh
tcsh tcsh 6.18.01 Various Contributors
Tenex C Shell
man tcsh |
Using csh & tcsh
zcsh zcsh 5.0.2 Paul Falstad
Z Shell
info zsh | man zsh | Oh My Zsh | User Guide | Zsh Lovers


Title Command Version Vendor
R R 3.5.0 R Project
Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
FAQ | info R-intro |
SAS Labs Only V9 SAS
Available at the 24/7 and Hub labs
Free SAS Tutorials |
SAS V9 Documentation
SPSS Labs Only 16 SPSS
Available at the 24/7 and Hub labs
FAQ | Getting Started | Manuals


Title Command Version Vendor
Hishram Process Viewer htop 2.0.2 Hisham Muhammad
Interactive process viewer
man htop | Screenshots
Process Status ps 3.3.10 Linux
Report process status
man ps
Process Tree pstree 22.20 Craig Small
Display a tree of processes
man pstree | pstree Examples
Top Processes top 3.3.10 LeFebvre
Displays the top cpu processes
man top | Wiki

Text Formatting

Title Command Version Vendor
dvips dvips 5.993 Radical Eye Software
Convert a TeX DVI file to PostScript
man dvip
ghostview ghostview, gv 3.7.4 Johannes Plass
Diplays PostScript files using ghostscript
man ghostview
ispell ispell 3.1.20 GNU Software
Spell checker
man ispell
ps2pdf ps2pdf 5.10 University of Wisconsin
Convert PostScript files to PDF
man ps2pdf
TeX tex, latex 3.1415926 Donald Knuth
Text formatting and typesetting
man tex | man latex |

Text Processing

Title Command Version Vendor
GNU awk gawk 4.0.2 GNU Software
pattern scanning and processing
A Tutorial and Introduction
man gawk | info gawk |
Micro-Primer | Primer
grep grep 2.20 GNU Software
Print lines matching a pattern
man grep | grep tutorial
sed sed 4.2.2 GNU Software
Non-interactive text file editor
An Introduction and Tutorial
man sed | Micro-Primer |
Sed "one-liners" | Tutorial


Title Command Version Vendor
Atril atril 1.16.1 MATE Desktop
Atril is a simple document viewer for DJVU, PDF, and PS files
man atril
Okular okular 0.16.5 Okular
Okular is a universal document viewer for DJVU, ePub, PDF, PS and more
man okular
MobaXterm Download Only 10.2 MobaTek
Free XWindows Server and SSH client for PCs
Documentation | Download
Xming Download Only 6.9 Sourceforge
Free X Server and SSH client for Windows
Documentation | Download
X-Win32 Download or Labs 2017 StarNet
XWindows Server for PCs
Available at the 24/7 and Hub labs
Configuring | Download

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader