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X-Win32 Download


X-Win32 is a PC (Windows 7 and 10) implementation of  XWindows.

When off campus, only the ssh method will connect to campus servers. The XDMCP method is blocked by the SDSU border firewall and is not recommended.

SDSU students may download X-Win32 by entering their RedID here:
Faculty and Staff may download X-Win32 by entering their RedID here:  
License Activation

While installing X-Win32, allow the Windows Firewall additions if asked. When starting X-Win32 for the first time, the License Activation Window will appear. Choose License your copy by contacting a license server. Enter Hostname: and Port: 5053

License Activation Window

The X-Win32 license server uses ports 5053 and 5055. Check your firewall if the license fails to activate (X-Win32 closes after 30 minutes.)

Creating A Connection

  • Configure connections with the X-Config option after activating the license.
  • Under the Connections tab, click the Wizard button.
    Name your session. Click ssh in the Type: box   Click Next
  • Enter the Host to connect to, ie:   Click Next
  • You may enter a Login and Password. I suggest leaving the Password blank. This prevents someone from accessing your account by just clicking the connection name!
    Click Next
  • Click the system the remote host uses. Edoras uses the Linux XTERM command
    Increase the scrollback buffer by adding -sb -sl 1000 to the xterm command line.
    Click Finish
  • Notes

      The default xterm font size can be increased if desired. Increase the xterm font size by editing the XWin32 connection settings. For example: /usr/bin/xterm -fa 'Monospace' -fs 18
      The license activation window is found by starting X-Win32, then right click on the X-Win32 icon in the system tray, then select Help -> Activate License.
      X-Win32's ssh client does not include a file transfer utility (sftp). We recommend installing the free WinSCP client to transfer files between your PC and Edoras.
      X-Win32 license expires June 30, 2026.
      The X-Win32 connects using port 22. Check your firewall if you can't connect to Edoras.