Nirvana Editor (NEdit) Help Documentation

Table of Contents

    Getting Started                    

    Basic Operation                     Macro/Shell Extensions
      Selecting Text                      Shell Commands and Filters
      Finding and Replacing Text          Learn/Replay
      Cut and Paste                       Macro Language
      Using the Mouse                     Macro Subroutines
      Keyboard Shortcuts                  Highlighting Information
      Shifting and Filling                Range Sets
      File Format                         Action Routines
    Features for Programming              Customizing NEdit
      Programming with NEdit              Preferences
      Tabs/Emulated Tabs                  X Resources
      Auto/Smart Indent                   Key Binding
      Syntax Highlighting                 Highlighting Patterns
      Finding Declarations (ctags)        Smart Indent Macros

    Regular Expressions                 NEdit Command Line
      Basic Regular Expression Syntax   Client/Server Mode
      Metacharacters                    Crash Recovery
      Parenthetical Constructs          Version
      Advanced Topics                   Distribution Policy
      Example Regular Expressions       Mailing Lists