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Palo Alto VPN

Faculty and Staff may use this guide to setup the campus VPN.
Students can not use the campus VPN at this time.

  1. Claim your SDSUid.

    To retrieve your account, please send an email to:
    - Please send from your email account
    - Please type in the subject line: SDSUid

  2. After claiming your SDSUid, you must login and set a password at  Until a password is set, you can not use eduroam, or the VPN.

  3. With SDSUid claimed you can access eduroam wireless using that id and password.  You need to use the entire name for the username, eg and the password you set for the account.

  4. With SDSUid claimed you may request VPN access by contacting your department's Active Directory Administrator.

  5. After your department approves your request and you are added to the VPN group, install the VPN client.

  6. a) You will go to to login and get the client.  This must be done from off campus or from SDSU Wireless (this cannot be done from eduroam).  You will use the username portion of your account only.

    b) Once you have the VPN client installed, the login is slightly different from eduroam access.  The client login is just the username (without the and the password. The portal is

    c) Please see ITSO's VPN Instructions for more details on installing the campus Palo Alto VPN.

    d) If your access requires mulit-factor authentication, please see ITSO's Multi-factor Instructions.